#2: Faith or Reason? Who wins?

An epic war has been steadily mounting. Not one fought with guns and canons. But one fought in the minds and hearts of mankind. It is a war between FAITH and REASON.

But does this battle really exist? Or is this battle just a false dilemma created by those of opposing ideologies. Join us as we take a deep and fascinating look at how faith and reason interact within the human mind. What you discover may surprise you...

Faith & Reason from David Koo on Vimeo.

#1: What is faith? Why do we doubt?

In our modern world of scientific discoveries and reason, faith seems like an atiquated and backwards notion. Mark Twain once said, “Faith is believing what you know ain’t true.” If that is the case, why then would the Bible place such a premium on our faith in Jesus Christ? Why is faith even important? In fact, let’s ask a more fundamental question: what is faith?

In this presentation we will take a hard look at these difficult questions. And what we will hopefully discover is that, far from being the mystical voo-doo some people make it out to be, faith is actually at the heart and center of everybody’s life experience (even for the atheist).